Trying to Export Supplier, SupplierID, Cost, and Price...

Why, oh why, is it not an option in reporting, to include SupplierID? I am trying to export data from POS, to a CSV... We are going to be using a new program, and need to export Supplier, SupplierID, Cost, and Price....
Now, how do I go about getting the Supplier ID to show up? Please help! Thanks in advance,
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The SupplierID only shows up in the data base not in the program. The only way to get this data is to query the database directly. If you would like some assistance please let us know.
Daniel Tech Support NuRol Point of Sale
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Sean - what report are you running that you want to export to csv? If it's an item report that shows supplier name supplierid should be an available column to add by editing the report. Reply with the report name.
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