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We have a customer running on RMS 2.0 and they want to accept EBT as a form of payemnt. The processor they are using supprots EBT and they already have the proper paperwork filed with the US Dpet. of...
11 years ago 2
RMS Signature Capture
------------------------------------- I am looking for a decent signature capture/ magnetic strip reader that works well with RMS. Any suggestions? ##-----------------------------------------------#...
11 years ago 1
POS and Accounting
I have MS Dynamics POS and MS Accounting 2007 integrated on a network and they are talking and sharing info. What I need to know is how can I set up a charge account for customers and be ale to ring...
11 years ago 1
Trying to Export Supplier, SupplierID, Cost, and Price...
Why, oh why, is it not an option in reporting, to include SupplierID? I am trying to export data from POS, to a CSV... We are going to be using a new program, and need to export Supplier, SupplierID,...
11 years ago 2
Access Manager through VPN
Hi, I setup a VPN with a Netgear VPN Router at the store and I want to access the SQLServer from a remote computer. I installed the NetGear VPN Client software on the remote computer and I can...
11 years ago 1
Tax inclusive in POS
Is there any way to handle tax inclusive on POS not RMS? Not supported Afshin Alikhani - Retail Realm
11 years ago 1
Pinpad Verifone 1000SE
Hi, Is there documentation on how to setup RMS - PCCharge - Verifone 1000SE - OPOS to be able to take debit cards? Thanks, Sacha You need the pccharge debit module If you havent purchased pccharge go...
11 years ago 2
price override
I am having difficulty in controlling price changes. currently any cahier can change the and item price to anyamount. i want to eliminate that and allow only the manager to be able to change prices, i...
11 years ago 3
Store Polling
Has anyone had success with automating the process of recovering from a 401 worksheet failure. On the HQ side I have seen a post about automating the acknowledgment of the failed worksheet. What about...
11 years ago 5
RMS Offline Database
Hi All - It's been a while since I created the RMS offline database. If someone has the steps I'd appreciate it. I created one but something isn't right. After the Z report the register tries to sync...
11 years ago 5
Inventory Item purchase goes to Account?
I run a game store, and we run multiple tournaments a week. Our customers pay their entry fee in cash or charge at the register (not en masse, usually one at a time and separated by other customers),...
11 years ago 1
Signature Capture Devices
Now that I know that there is no way to block a specific card number, PC Charge said you can't for general knowledge, I was thinking about adding a signature capture device. The only problem with my...
11 years ago 1
Item cost/Supplier cost purchase order
Morning all, I have a query brought to me by one of out clients, When doing a manual purchase order in RMS 2.0 they can use the item cost price of the item, but when the system automaticaly created a...
11 years ago 1
cash drawer opening limited times?
I have 9 Casio POS systems. The cash drawer is connected through the printer. I was using POS 2.0. I have upgraded them to RMS. When I boot up , the cash drawer will work a few times, then won't open....
11 years ago 1
Z Report on Ful page 80 col Windows printer???
Hi, We have 1 register printing invoices on a regular full page windows printer, I don't seem to be able to print the X and Z reports. thanks in advance, Sacha
11 years ago