My next newbie question - payroll

Hi everyone, and thanks for the answers I have received previously.
Moving to QB from OneWrite as of 1-1-10. Two payroll related questions
that I have not discovered the answers to in my experimentation:
1: Can you globally change a wage rate for all employees? I.e. if a
particular 'job task' is worth $X per hour and many employees perform
that function, can you change that rate for all employees at once?
(Another example would be COLA adjustments to mandated minimum wages as
they go into effect)
2: We have employees who receive a 'base' hourly rate, plus optional
extra hourly increments for proficiency at various tasks. Payment of the
extra hourly amounts depends on satisfactory completion of the
associated tasks, so sometimes these extra wages are not paid, on an
employee by employee basis.
In the past we have set up each of these 'proficiency increments' as an
hourly wage item, and shown them on all reports, check, etc. This works
fine except that when the end of the period comes around we may have
employees showing 120 hours of work in a week, due to receiving base
wages plus the hourly increments. This is no big deal, but if there's a
way for QB to not report the duplicated hours that would be nice, so if
the UI or industrial accident people come to take a look the base hours
are correct and the other hours are not there.
Thanks in advance
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Carla Fong
Not that I know of. You create the hourly payroll item but you can not specify the hourly rate in the initial setup. You have to add the hourly PR item to each employee's profile. Here you specify the actual payrate for that employee. So if you need to change 1 or 100 payrates then you have to edit each employee's profile.
I don't know of a way to suppress the printing of the hours paid.
Given this setup how do you calculate overtime? I would be very careful about showing excess hours.
It probably would be better to setup multiple hourly payroll items that represent total pay at the various levels of proficiency. This shows total hours worked at the correct rate of pay for that week.
I would look at the Intuit Market place for a third party application:
formatting link
to see if there is anything that will help you.
Or check this site:
formatting link
They specialize in payroll solutions and might have some ideas. They also are very versed with each state's payroll & overtime rules.
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OP Here:
I figured out how to do our 'bonus' stuff - just make it a 'commission' item and enter hours as item count.
I'm till trying to figure out how to globally change a wage rate for a group of employees, (i.e. Minimum Wage increases as they occur) but I'm not there yet.
Thanks for the help!
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Carla Fong
The hourly rate is specified in each employee's profile. As a result you are stuck editing each employee to change their rate. The Payroll Item only contains the accounting codes. No value specified. Its not like an service item that also contains prices.
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