QB 2010 Pro Question

I use QB 2010 pro and have a question about a report of "Sales Detail".
If I open "reports, sales, detail, and then enter a time period such as
one year, then I scroll to any certain item I sell, I see a great report
that shows everything I want to see. Almost.
I see a Quantity column, an Amount column and a Balance column. All good
so far.
The Amount and Balance columns have a total at the bottom of them which
is important.
The Quantity column does NOT show a total, this is a serious pain for
me. There must be a way to show this total of quantities sold but I
can't figure it out.
Any solutions?
Thank you!!!
Wilby in Utah
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Hmmm... I guess that would work, If I can figure out how to export the report. I'll fiddle with this idea.
It really seems strange that QB can't provide a total. Oh well.
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Hi Paul
I just gave your idea a try and it worked great. I see even more things I can do with the report in Excel.
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