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I apologize for all the questions I am posting today, just trying to do everything the right way and the quickbooks help files only cover so much.
I resell a few services that I buy from other businesses to my customers, among services I provide myself.
A simple example: I buy 50 Apples for $10.00. I resell that to a customer for $20.00.
The $20.00 I get from the customer, goes to my Sales Income account. The $10.00 I spend, goes to my services expenses account.
Now here is the tricky part I can't figure out, if I am selling oranges and grapes that I own myself to my customers, among the apples I buy from others to sell to my customers, how would I do that?
Right now, I am doing this: - Invoice customer for Orange, Grapes, and Apples. - Record cost of Apples as an ordinary business expense.
My problem is, I am trying to figure out how to show what the actual profit for that invoice was in total. It doesn't show me that I spent money on Apples for that invoice...
As confusing as this is, I hope someone understands my amateur accounting.
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You are not selling services, you are selling goods. I'm so confused by your post that I am dizzy.
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Allan Martin
I have to agree with Allan here... this post is confusing for sure. But I'm going to give it a go....
I think you are 'over thinking' - lets get back to the basics. With your current method, you are using a 'big bucket' approach.
You've paid $10 for apples. That's a $10 expense. You've made a sale of Oranges----- $10 (you didn't specify, so let's just guess) Grapes ------$15 Apples ----- $20
Total income from the sale is $45. Total expenses are $10. Total profit is $35.
There's nothing wrong with this approach. The profit is $35. But, you are right in that it doesn't give you much discreet information as to profits for the specific invoice.
Another avenue to explore might be using reimbursable expenses. Say that you buy those 50 apples SPECIFICALLY for resale to John Doe. When you enter the vendor bill, put in the customer name and mark the apples as billable to John Doe's job.
When you create the invoice, use the time/costs button to add the apples to the invoice with the oranges and grapes. You will have the option to markup the apples, and you can pick which account to use for the profits.
There are any number of ways you can record your income and expenses, and it all boils down to just how much information you want or need in your reporting.
If you haven't already, please see a qualified accountant. Pick one that primarily works with QuickBooks software (many accountants have specific software preferences). I promise you, the money you will spend will be more than recouped by the time you will save.
My accountant worked with me to set up my accounts, and especially in the first few months, reviewed my files to make sure I was entering data correctly. Now we see each other far less frequently. But tax preparation is eased so much by the steps we took together at the beginning to ensure my accounts were accurate.
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Will go see the accountant tomorrow, not sure if someone in his office does Quickbooks but I will find someone that does.
To address the confusion, I sell services, not goods, I just used "goods" for the example's sake. Thanks to both of you for the help, I was scared no one would understand, so lets put the examples away and let me give you a realistic situation.
Here is a sample invoice: Customer: John Doe Sales Rep: Mary Willams Invoice: 45 - Graphic Design: $200.00 - PHP Programming: $300.00 - Web Hosting: $125.00 Total: $625.00
I spend $75.00 for web hosting as part of a wholesale discount. Mary Willams is to earn 10% of the sale after expenses.
As far as I know, when I go to Income By Sales Reps Report, it shows me that Mary Williams earned $625.00 on this project, not $625 minus $75 in expenses. I'm trying to make it so that all expenses related to this invoice, should affect its total profit.
I hope someone will get it now.
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Thanks to both of you for the help, I
OMG this second post has no resemblance to the first.
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Allan Martin
QB can not tell you profit per invoice, what you need is job costing which QB can do. Then you can report profit by job.
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David Smith

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