Calculation Errors in Transaction Repports

I am using Quicken 2006 with Windows XP. I estimate that the total
number of transactions in my Quicken database is about 2000.
I have just discovered an error in the way Quicken performs its
calculations. The error shows up as a difference in the way it calculates
"Category" reports and "Transaction" reports, and in the way that the
overall balances at the ends of the reports are different. I have noticed
this difference many, many times before. I finally decided to find out what
was going on.
There were two errors in the reports, an error on 7/15/2005 and
another on 12/10/2005. In both cases the Category report omitted a
transaction that was properly included in the Transaction report. The
omitted transaction in the 7/15/2005 Category report was an income
transaction, for $0.02, and had a negative value. The omitted transaction
on 7/15/2005 was a credit card transaction and had a positive value of
$47.24. In both cases there were similar transactions on the same days that
were handled properly.
I have been aware of this problem on many occasions. I conclude that
the problem is frequently encountered. I've been following this newsgroup
on a regular basis for the last 2 years and have seen absolutely nothing
reported on it. What is going on?
Don J
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Don J
I have not seen this particular problem ... but have seen several stange things before.
Backup your data files and try a Validate. If it does not work, try Super Validate. If that does not work then delete the problem transactions and re-enter them.
All this is a long about way to say that the problem is likely data corruption.
good luck peter
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Peter S

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