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Cant stop a recurring payment
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In the original post, the original poster says, "I have a payment that quicken keeps sending automatically and I keep cancelling. When I go to Bill and Income Reminders this payment / biller is not showing in scheduled or repeating online."
Quicken does NOT send repeating online payments each time one of those payments is due.
When you create a repeating online payment in Quicken, Quicken sends ONE instruction to the billpayer, instructing the billpayer to setup a repeating payment according to the details received from Quicken. Quicken never again sends anything about that specific repeating online bill payment (unless the user initiates a modification or deletion of the repeating online payment).
While a user should be able to terminate that repeating online bill payment using Quicken, sometimes that becomes impossible.
But it should always be possible to terminate a repeating (or any) online bill payment by going to the billpayer's web site and terminating (deleting) the payment there.
When the user is unable to delete an online payment or payee from Quicken, they should try the instructions in this Quicken KB article: "Cannot Delete an Online Payment or Payee", found here:
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