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The totals of my investing accounts, investing center total, investment account activity, and asset allocation report agree to the penny
The totals of Portfolio Value and Net Woth Reports are different when totaling my investment accounts. Some accounts equal but 5 do not and looking at history of each etc doesn't tell me what is wrong.
Anyone else experienced the above? Any Ideas? Thanks in advance
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Different from each other, and/or different from the "investment account activity" or the "asset allocation report"?
Ultimately the history should tell you what's wrong, but maybe you need to help it along.
For starters, you have to be certain each report covers the same time period ("Include all dates" is not the same as "Earliest to date", for example), and has the same remaining Customizations (Portfolio Value must include all securities, security types, and investment goals and Net Worth should include "unrealized gains", for example).
Investment account values are comprised of number of shares and share price (plus cash, if any). Once you have accounted for the Customizations and all the cash, if you still have differences, you have to have some difference in number of shares and/or share price.
You can have the Net Worth report display each security in each account (customize to show "Account detail:). Then you can compare the value of each security in the Net Worth report with each security in the Portfolio Value report. Once you have identified which securities are involved, you run an Investment transaction report for each which should help account for the what is causing the difference. If necessary, "Export" the report to Excel where you can get share subtotals.
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John Pollard

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