Need Help Registering Quicken 2008

2008. Today was the first day I used it and all my history seemed in order. I entered this weeks checks and all went well until I tried to run the update (get my cancelled checks from Wells Fargo, transactions from Fidelity, etc). When I run update I get a screen that says "Welcome to Quicken Registration". When I get to that screen nothing happens. I've sat there and waited and waited and nothing happens. I've read the Help screens and it appears you cannot use the update feature until you register Quicken. How do I register Quicken if I can't get the Registration screen to work?
Weird! They knew enough about me to tell me that Quicken 2005 wouldn't work after April, they knew enough about me to charge my credit card but they don't know enough about me to register the software I recently downloaded from their site. Of course I can't find a telephone number anywhere and it would probably be answered by someone in a suburb of Tibet. So that's probably not a viable solution either.
Anyone been down this road before? Maybe I need to re-download the software. Any help would be appreciated.
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Pat Whelton
That's a pretty defeatist attitude.
Phone numbers can be found in:
Help > Product and Customer Support > Contact Intuit and Others
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You can download without registering by clicking the Online menu, then holding down CTRL+SHIFT while clicking One Step Update.
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John Pollard

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