non-answers from Quicken online chat

This is the transcript of an online chat session I just concluded with
a Quicken_Person. This person's real identity is hidden to avoid
blaming a low-level tech for what is probably a support management
Doncha' just love these people sometimes!
Quicken_Person: Hi, my name is Quicken_Person. How may I help you?
Quicken_Person: Welcome to Quicken chat.  I've reviewed the brief
issue summary you provided.  Could you provide specific details to
help me better understand your situation?

Me: : Yes. I'm doing the monthly checking account reconciliation.
Absolutely straightforward, EXCEPT that three of the uncleared check
items simply do not appear in the Statement Summary window listing all
uncleared items, both debits and credits. I even tried to COPY and
PASTE the problem transactions, but none of the copies showed up
either. I also tried to manually set "C" and "R" in the register,
then clear out the "R", but that didn't work either. I normally check
off check items by sorting by Check Number. I also sorted by date,
amount, and payee. None of these sorts showed up the missing items.
Quicken_Person: Thank you for the details.
Quicken_Person: Me: what I understand is that you match your account
register with bank statement and found out that they are three missing
Me: : That is exactly correct. There are three missing _uncleared_
Quicken_Person: Me: in this case, you can simply enter the missing
transactions manually.
Me: : Quicken_Person, Is there no better approach? Isn't this a bug
of some sort?
Quicken_Person: No Me: , it happens when we enter or when we download
from bank, missing transactions and duplicate transactions do happen
and it is a good thing that you found out by manually match.
Quicken_Person: In this case we just have to enter manually in the
register and in case of duplicate transaction we just simply delete.
Me: : Thank you. I'm signing off now.
Quicken_Person: You are welcome.
Quicken_Person: Me: Are you satisfied with chat support and my
efforts to help?
Quicken_Person: Is there anything else I can assist you with today
regarding Quicken?
Quicken_Person: Thanks for using Quicken. Please return to chat if
the need should arise. Have a great day. Please use the Hang up
button to end this chat session without closing your browser window.
Quicken_Person Has Disconnected
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I live on Quicken and Outlook
ya. How's this. I have a problem, and the person indicated that the problem is too technical and suggested I give them a call......
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my point is that apparently some of the tech support people are not very well trained and are clueless at times.
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