Q 2006 Mac: deleting securities, investment account types, data conversion

I just converted many years of Quicken data from Q2000 for Windows to Q2006 for Mac. Of my 34 accounts, all but 2 seem to have converted fine (at least
the balances are the same on both machines). One of the ones that didn't is causing problems, but perhaps I just don't grasp how Q2006 works.
In my account list there's an investment account for mutual fund X. The account type is Single Mutual Fund (smf). The number of transactions is the same as on the Windows machine, and the share balance is the same, but in Windows there's a market value shown in the account list, and on the Mac the market value shows as $0.0. However in the portfolio view, the market value shows up correctly.
Even more strange, when I list all of my securities in the Securities List in Q2006, most of them have the delete button greyed out when they are highlighted. A few do not. I was trying to figure out the rhyme or reason to this, and noticed that all of the securities that are part of one of my investment accounts can't be deleted in the security list. And the ones that I was tracking, but that aren't held in any of my investment accounts can be deleted. BUT THERE'S ONE EXCEPTION I can't figure out. One of the securities that IS held in one of my investment account's CAN be deleted (the delete button isn't greyed out when that security is highlighted in the securities list). So what gives? When can a security be deleted in Q2006?
Any suggestions on what I should do about the account that shows no balance? Should I just delete that account and start over? If I do start over, should I not make it a single mutual fund account? This is actually a mutual fund held as part of IRA. Should it be a brokerage account? I'm fuzzy on when one would want to create a single mutual fund account instead of a brokerage account (I read the manual, and don't find the explanation there particularly enlightening; and there's nothing I can find there about deleting securities).
Many thanks,
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