quicken deluxe (2008) technically question "account asset" "category "

can i convert /correct an "asset account " into a "category"? can this be converted ? if so how?
thank you for your help vg
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The basic answer to your question is NO. In fact, the concept that you present is odd, to say the least, from an accounting perspective. Somewhat akin to converting your automobile into a tank of gas.
Perhaps is you explained the what & why's of your objective, some ideas might arise.
Also, what version of Q are you using? What's your operating system? And how long have you been using Q?
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DB, you see i mistakenly treated an income source as an asset and created an account when i should have applied it under a category. . I want to correct this and wonder if i have to manually go in and change every entry or is there a way to convert or move all entries in this asset account into a (new) category . i'm using quicken 2008 Deluxe vg
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Hi, vg.
How many "wrong" entries did you make? One? Or 100?
Create the new category. Then go to the Register for the asset account. Choose each transaction and Edit the Category entry.
If there are more than a few transactions, then use the usual method to highlight them all, then right-click on one of them and choose Edit transaction(s). That should bring up the Find and Replace window. In the lower part of this window, tell it to Replace the Category with .
When the new "wrong" asset account is empty, just delete the account.
If I've misunderstood what you want to do, please post back and explain where I guessed wrong. And give us some idea of how many transactions are involved, and over what period of time (months? last year? years?).
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R. C. White

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