Quicken Portfolio - Import into M* Portfolio Analyzer - Problem

Morningstar Premium has a portfolio analyzer that permits one to do more analysis than the tools in Quicken. So I tried to follow the M* instructions to import my portfolio from Quicken to M* Portfolio Analyzer.
Everything went well EXCEPT that dividends received did not import. The dividend transaction imported but the dividend field was blank in M* Portfolio Analyzer. The .qif file exported from Quicken and imported to M* does show the dividend transactions including amount.
Strangely enough, for those securities for which I have dividends reinvested, the Buy Shares transaction imported correctly, but no dividend.amount.
This looks like an M* problem in processing the .qif file, but I thought I would ask if anyone has run into this problem.
Running Quicken 2006 Release QA5 in WindowsXP SP2
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