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Does anyone know if the Starter version has/had a visually different User Interface than Quicken Delux?
Back in 2008 I sent my 80 something Mother-in-law a link to buy Quicken Delux. She decided to save money and buy the starter version -- it took a while to figure out what she did when she could not import her previous data. Now she really has Quicken Delux 2011 and is bothered because she can't download. We have not noticed any difference between the two versions of Premiur, but I thought there might be a UI difference between Starter and Delux. MIL, lives a few hundred miles away, so we can't just drive over and look at her system easily.
Gordon Atlanta
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If no one here can answer your question, and you're both using Windows, you can troubleshoot her problem from your own PC using Windows Remote Assistance.
On Vista and Windows 7 it's under Start -> All Programs -> Maintenance.
You may have probelms getting thru the firewalls on the two machines or getting two different versions of Windows to work together, but it's might be worth a shot.
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Jerry Boyle
If that does not work, LogMeIn has a free version that works with most operating systems. Your MIL would need to install it on her computer and create an account with her computer specified on the account. Then you log into the account to access her computer.
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Depending on the operating system on your computer and on your MIL's, you should be able to see what she sees remotely, as if your keyboard, mouse and monitor were just on a very long cord from her computer.
If you're using Windows, click Start and then type "remote Assistance" in the search box. Follow the Help instructions to make your computer the helping machine. You will need to talk your MIL through the simple steps to make her computer the one being helped.
Alternatively, you can use download and use a free program like "showmypc" at both ends and accomplish the same thing.
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