Reconciling old unreconciled transactions

I'm not sure of the right way to go about this without messing up the
register: I have a surprising number of old transactions that have
long-ago been reconciled -- somehow. I'm not sure how/why the old
transactions are sitting there unreconciled, but they are. *if* I
reconcile my account [as I just did, as it happens] is it enough to make
all the problems get cleaned up simply to change all of those 'historical'
transactions and not think about it any more. Yes?
tnx.. /b\
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Bernie Cosell
If these transactions are accurate and not duplicates, then "yes".
Quicken simply totals the transactions marked as reconciled to establish the reconcile opening balance. The transactions prior to the statement's closing date not marked as reconciled are available to be marked as reconciled in the "Reconcile" window.
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