Refreshing Quicken data, refreshing Quicken data, refreshing...

Longtime user here, wondering why I have to see "refreshing Quicken data" a
bout six times, as the program goes through a seizure in order to accept a
simple downloaded investment transaction, such as a dividend. It's like 15
seconds of agony for each transaction.
Yes, I do have a large file. Is that the problem? Is it something to do wit
h the way Quicken works with 64-bit Windows 10?
It makes me dread seeing those little red flags after an update.
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JD Quicken 2017 Premier (Windows 10)
The issue is usually associated with a large number of transactions in an investment account. I suggest creating a new investment account, use "Shares Transferred between Accounts" to move the holdings from the old account and transfer any cash.
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