Oversized Windows

Some of the popped up windows in my 2016 Deluxe are so large that you
cannot close them - the edges and x are off the screen. I have to go
to the Task Manager and close Q. Worst of these is the one from
reconciling holdings.
Any suggestions?
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Jim T.
If possible, I suggest you resize and reposition the window. Generally, Quicken will restore a window size and position to the size and position the window last held.
If you are having difficulty using the cursor to manipulate a Window, I suggest using the keyboard instead. The Alt + Tab and Alt + Space shortcuts can be very useful.
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On Sat, 7 Apr 2018 12:15:26 -0700, Sherlock wrote:
Thanks for trying. I tried that, but it did nothing. With alt-tab, that screen doesn't even show up. For now, my solution is to avoid that one.
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Jim T.

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