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WXP Q user 15 years
Recently I have found that when opening Q from a reboot (or maybe from
hibernate mode) It sometimes goes to the Setup screen, with all my settings
erased and the default settings in use. It's very annoying to have to reset
multiple choices.
Any suggestions as to why this is happening?
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Hi, Nemo.
Great! Which version are you using now. Q2006? Q2009? Deluxe? H&B? Release 4?
Which Windows version. Since you posted using OE, I assume you are running WinXP x86, fully updated with the SP3, etc. Correct?
How do you start Quicken? By clicking on your QDF file? (Do you have multiple Quicken filesets?) Or by clicking on the .exe file in Windows Explorer? Or from a desktop icon: does that icon point to QDF or EXE? Or do you start in some other way? Have you recently tweaked Quicken's preferences?
It should not be happening, obviously. And it is not happening to most of us. So what is different about your computer? Laptop or desktop? New computer or veteran? Anti-virus/anti-malware programs? Is Quicken installed in Program Files, or in some other location?
Sorry to ask so many questions, Nemo. Just trying to narrow down the "my car won't start; what's wrong?" possibilities. :^}
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R. C. White
I have found this happening more and more often to people I help with Quicken problems. Does not seem to matter if it is Q.2008 or Q.2009. I find that just going to file/open and choosing your regular file brings back your usual data with all the settings still intact.
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