Transaction appears twice?

I get paid every other Friday. I have a direct deposit of $185 going
into my Roth IRA. On Jan. 15, that transaction sort of got
duplicated... one is a "XIn", and one is a "ContribX". Both are on the
same date, for the same amount. I cannot change or delete either... I
get a message telling me, "This transaction was created as a transfer
from a split transaction. In order to change it, you must go to the
source transaction by using 'Go To Transfer' from the Edit menu." For
both transactions, Go To Transfer takes me to my Jan 15 paycheck... but
there is only one transfer for my IRA. The math all works... there is
not a "hidden" $185
How can I delete one of these transactions so my account will balance
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John Oliver
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Delete the paycheck transaction. Then delete the orphaned transfer in the IRA account. Then re-enter the paycheck.
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John Pollard

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