Delete thousands of downloaded transactions?

I am transitioning from Microsoft Money to Quicken 2010. First, I converted my MSMoney data file to Quicken. Next, I entered my online banking account info into Quicken. This caused Quicken to download transactions for checking, credit cards, etc. Unfortunately, this resulted in thousands of duplicated transactions!
Getting rid of all the unwanted, downloaded transactions is going to be very tedious, if I have to delete one at a time.
Is there a way to ease this process?
Thanks for any suggestions!
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David Arnstein

There is no way to delete multiple downloaded transactions that are waiting to be Accepted ... except one by one.
But there are a couple of approaches to deleting multiple transactions that are already in your Quicken account registers.
One approach - good only for non-investment accounts (and assuming the downloaded transactions are "New"):
1.) manually enter a dummy transaction with something (in the Memo field, for example) making it easy to identify 2.) Accept all the downloaded transactions 3.) sort the register transactions by order entered (see the register "View" menu) 4.) select all the transactions starting with the dummy transaction thru the last transaction in the register (as you would select multiple files in Windows Explorer) 5.) click Edit > Transaction > Delete (and be patient)
A second approach - which should work with any Quicken account type (but requires that you be able to identify the duplicates after they have been Accepted by some other means than sorting by order entered - and also assumes all the duplicates are "New"):
1.) Accept all the transactions 2.) Run a Banking > Transaction report - customize to eliminate as many unaffected transactions as possible (such as by excluding accounts not affected; or sorting on any field that would help group the transactions you want to delete) 3.) Select the transactions you want to delete (in the report) as you would select multiple files in Windows Explorer 4.) Click "Edit" (in the report) 5.) Select "Delete transaction(s)" (and be very patient)
I would backup before trying either approach.
I do not have Q2010 (I have Q2009 RPM); so I can not vouch for whether these techniques work the same in Q2010 as they have in previous versions, nor can I say whether Q2010 has introduced any new feature that could simplify the process.

John Pollard
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John Pollard
The first method Ralph describes (accepting all of the transactions, sorting the register by order entered and then deleting the "new" transactions) still works as of Quicken (Deluxe) 2019.
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You do realize that you have responded to a message thread that is almost 10 years old? Chances are that original poster has found a solution or a work around by now...
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