Whats the best way to maintain a long history of Quicken usage?

My Quicken file has gotten very long over the last 20 years, and I'm
getting worried that I haven't paid enough attention to annual backups,
removal of old transactions from the file, and any other practice that
minimizes the likelihood that one day I'll get so overwhelmed with this
file that it's time tto scrap the project altogether.
I know many of you, much more sophisticated than I am, must have paid
attention to this problem. Could you share what steps you advise to
keep Quicken manageable, secure, etc?
Thanks in advance for any advice you may offer!
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Well, now you have me thinking. Hmmmm, could I possibly report & export all this to a spreadsheet?
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My qdb file goes back that far or longer and is about 106MB. Don't do anything to prune records or clean security prices. Not anticipating any problems for the forseeable future.
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Arthur Conan Doyle
Hi, I'm just agreeing with the other experienced users here. My data goes b ack to 1992. Just keep doing regular backups. Go to Edit/Preferences/Backup . (My setting is to automatically backup after running Quicken 3x and manua lly backup after 5x). I suggest backing up frequently, at least once a week , otherwise if something goes with your computer or if your data is corrupt ed, you'll be insured against having to reconstruct months of unrecorded tr ansactions (even reconstructing a week of data can be a big headache). The big question is whether Quicken will maintain the capacity to commun icate with financial institutions; if this ceases, then users will be force d to enter transactions manually, which would be a majorly crappy disaster .
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JD Quicken 2015 H&B Win 10
=======================================Just another chime-in for do nothing. My Qkn file is 970+ MB with entries back to 1989. I've carried the file forward thru a number Quicken iterations and have never given a thought to removing entries. My only concern ever was as I approached having to go to multiple floppies for backup but an LS120 solved that problem at the time - thought I was in fat city. Geo. S. Long Valley, NJ
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"JD Quicken 2015 H&B Win 10" writes:
If whomever buys Quicken turns off downloads, they can't make any money! The only way Quicken can force purchases is by the control of downloads. So the real fear is that it goes belly up altogether!
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Marc Auslander
Gary wrote in news:55f41b11$0$7257$c3e8da3$ snipped-for-privacy@news.astraweb.com:
My rec is do an annual file copy (or when you are going to install new Q version). Transfer all your data to the copy. I think that doing a copy also validates the file, but I run a validate on the new (copied) file anyway, just to be sure. Then I start using the copy as my main file and use it in the upgrade Q if I'm upgrading. Copy will clean up/compact the database. Then I get rid of all the old backups of the original file.
scott s. .
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scott s.

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