HSA contributions/ W-2 reporting

I have a HDHP and HSA which is provided by my employer.
I contribute some to my HSA
My employer also makes contributions (similar to a 401k match).
I have a question as to what is reported on the 1040 tax return for
I have one statement showing my HSA contributions coming from the
custodian (JP Morgan Chase). It shows the sum total of all
contributions (it does not show I contributed ~$800 and employer
contributed $750).
Do I report all $1550 of contributions on my tax return?
Should the HSA contributions be reported on my W-2? Turbo Tax made it
read like employer contributions are reported differently than my
In addition ~$35 of my employer's contribution (for 2008) was
deposited in 2009. The HSA statement reflects this. If I can
actually claim the $35 employers contribution, can I claim it on my
2008 return?
I am fustrated with Turbotax because I cannot see the return until I
file it, but I don't want to file it until I see how this was added on
the tax return. If someone knows a better way, let me know.
Thank you kindly in advance for all constructive responses.
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If you contribute through your cafeteria plan (payroll deduction), then both your amount and your employer's amount should be shown with a Code W in box 12 of your W-2.
They are shown on different lines of Form 8889. Check the instructions for this form, might answer your question.
The idea is, if you already paid no tax because the contributions (yours and your employer's) were excluded from your Box 1 wages, then no further deduction is shown on Form 1040. However if you paid directly into the HSA (not through your employer) and did not exceed the maximum allowed from all contribution sources, then you get an adjustment (deduction) on Page 1 of Form 1040.
It counts for 2008, see worksheet in Form 8889 instructions.
Most tax software installed locally will let you preview the completed forms on-screen, not sure about web-based versions.
-Mark Bole
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Mark Bole

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