Charging for 0800 numbers?

Can 0800 numbers be charged for? I've never heard of it before but Tesco's web site says the following. Can it be right?
"We apologise if you are experiencing issues with our website, if you wish to contact Tesco direct customer services, please Telephone 0800 323 4050* (Open Monday to Friday: 8am to 11pm, Saturday: 8am to 8pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm)
*Calls cost 6p, plus up to 2p per minute for BT Calling Plans, other providers vary. Calls may be recorded"
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Is it possible that Tesco are getting this money? You get the 0800 free from your provider. Regards David
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Tesco will have to pay their PSTN provider for the 0800 number, not the other way round.
Mobile operators can and do charge for calls to 0800 numbers. However, I don't believe that BT do on any of their landline offerings, so I think Tesco have probably used the wrong bit of boiler plate. 6p plus 2p/min is rather cheap for a metered call these days.
According to , if BT handle both ends, Tesco gets charged about 5p a minute and the landline caller gets the call free.
2p seems to be the daytime, on calling plan, rate for 0845, but the setup cost is 15p.
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David Woolley
0845 600 4411 0330 123 4050 0800 3234050=20
Several companies put 0845 or 0870 on bills and letters, but 0800 = numbers on promo's.
a Classic was BG's=20
" Already a customer?
Book an engineer
Call us on 0800 084 1582
Lines open 24 hours, 7 days a week
" which yesterday gave a recorded message on all options that the lines = were closed and to ring back during business hours.
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R. Mark Clayton
I think the OP is referring to some temporary modification to the page, however, Google finds the same claim at
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David Woolley
In message , David Woolley writes
Could it be some oik in Tesco accounts dept has seen what Tesco are charged and assumed that is what the caller pays?
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