Co-op bank loan

After being nagged by the Co-op bank to top up my existing loan, I finally agreed to do so. They put the money into my account, but failed to tell me that although they were promising a lower rate, they actually put my rate UP by 2% without telling me. When I became aware of their deception I cancelled the new loan. After I had extracted an apology and an offer,in writing, to reduce the rate to the one I was already paying, I applied again, only to be told that the offer had been withdrawn. I am still waiting for a reply to my letter of complaint , two weeks on, but have been told by telephone that I can in fact have my loan but now the rate has gone to 6% higher than my existing agreement. Deception compounded by incompetence and aided by vindictiveness!
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peter lawless
considering that you didn't even want this loan I would forget about it and go back to the original agreement.
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Zoe Brown

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