The Co-op Bank

I know little (nothing?) about shares, the SE, grey markets etc.
I am interested in Co-op Bank shares and have a few questions:
Is it true to say that all Co-op Bank plc shares are held by the Co-op Group
and cannot be bought by individuals?
Someone has said that they are traded on the "grey market" - how can that be?
Who is buying and selling them? or is it just bonds which are being sold - and
why on the "grey market"?
If the people who own the bonds which are to be converted to shares actually
get shares - will they be shares in the Co-op Bank plc - and will they be able
to sell them on the SE.
If I look at the page on the SE:
formatting link

What has actually been traded in the "last 5 trades"?
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It is being floated, allegedly by October
the grey market is just gambling. You aren't buying/selling real shares, just betting on next day/week/month's price
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On Mon, 12 Aug 2013 19:15:38 +0100, "tim....." wrote:
Some £60 million of 9.25% Preferred is listed and being traded.
That may be true for any yet-to-be floated Common.
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Anthony R. Gold

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