Cop-op Bank is filth

co-opbankcustomer wrote in news:
It's bluff. WTF's "payment carried out by use of your card" made "without using the PIN, or card details?"
Co-op Bank have been known for a long time as very anti-customer friendly, apart from a few suspect local authorities, such as Essex County Council.
You're correct. Essex has never been remotely socialist (bits of Harlow and Basildon excepted), which must make one wonder why Essex County Council started banking with the co-op, when Labour was second on the Council, and long before any party other than the Conservatives stood a chance.
Nowadays the Liberals get control in what for them is good years, but ECC was banking with the Co-op before David Steel was leader.
I reckon the Masons bank with the Co-op.
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It's the only bank I know who takes criminal action against customers who cannot pay off their unauthorised overdrafts.
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Alasdair wrote in news:
Can others confirm this?
Isn't the practice of imposing criminal sanctions for not honouring a contract, due to be made unlawful by the European Union?
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"J" > customers who cannot pay off their unauthorised overdrafts.
Up to a point, already is under Art. 1 of the Fourth Protocol to the ECHR 1963, Cmnd. 2309 but that only makes imprisonment for debt unlawful.
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Janitor of Lunacy
The Co-op Bank also have one of the most privacy invasive data banks on the whole of the UK population I have ever come across. I worked for them for a while and for a company who serviced their ATM machines.
As for the secondary question. If I recall correctly, they try to bring charges of fraud and / or gaining a pecuniary advantage (allegedly). ;-)
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