Dumping BA / AIG Shares

How do I dump a bunch of worthless ex-BA / AIG shares? I just got the Annua
l Report from AIG (incl. BA) and an invitation to the AGM. But the AGM is i
n Madrid necessitating outrageously expensive travel and accommodation cost
s, all proceedings will be in Spanish, and the shares have never paid a div
idend anyway. Such is my value as a shareholder. Truly appalling. CJB
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Oh, that's nice. They've more than doubled since I bought mine.
Shock! Horror! Spanish company holds AGM in Spanish language in Madrid!
Do you have the paperwork that guarantees you one? If so, great - send a copy to remind them, and they should sort that out for you.
I don't think equities are for you.
Anyway, back to those worthless shares. Don't you worry about them. Transfer them to me, and I'll give them a good and sympathetic home for you.
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They are no use to a charity if they do not pay a dividend.
In fact the shares were bought from British Airways when it was a British a irline. Now it is not. All AGMs held by BA 1/ were in English, 2/ as a shar eholder I was allowed to attend, and 3, were in London.
I did not ask for AIG to takeover BA. So now the AGM is in Madrid. Yet appa rently I am banned from attending. I have to have a proxy to attend on my b ehalf. So what's the point if having shares if I am not enough valued as sh areholder to be allowed to attend the AGM.
And BA shares have never given a dividend. Yet I understand that Iberia sha res have and still do pay a dividend and that this comes out of BA staff pe nsion funds (alleged of course).
Truly appalling.
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Of course they are. They can be sold...
Did you vote against it? If you did, you were in a _tiny_ minority, since 99% of votes were in favour.
Isn't that "democracy" mullarkey such a bitch sometimes...?
The IAG dividend that was being rumoured last summer hasn't happened yet, true, but they've long said that they're aiming at 2015.
I guess you didn't have your BA shares prior to 2001, when dividends were paid regularly. Or, indeed, in 2008 - when a dividend was paid.
You might not have heard, but the airline sector's not been having the best of times in the last few decade or so.
Mmm. I think that says a lot about your "understanding". Here's a clue: there's no such thing as Iberia shares. Anybody that had Iberia shares now have the exact same class of IAG shares as us ex-BA shareholders.
Oooh! I do love a good conspiracy theory! Is this one of the ones where all the proof would immediately get removed from the web, because of the lizard people who control the world? Or is this just your everyday Elvis- shot-JFK ones? Allegedly, of course.
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