Free Business Banking a/c

I don't want to switch accounts in 18-24 months time, so looking for
business banking accounts that stay free after any initial free period.
Most accounts then seem to fall in the charge few £ per month.
I don't pay in cash, and rarely pay in cheques, but would need a debit
card and online banking.
Santander use to do free Business Banking but I now see they charge.
Can anyone point me in the direction of a free account, ie no monthly fees?
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I have a Santander one which, fortunately, remains free.
However when I thought I was going to need to change (due to Santander becoming unsafe) I hunted around for a while and found that HSBC have a long term free business account. It's not obvious when you first look but if you investigate a bit harder it's there.
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Many thanks to both of you. I was struggling to get past the definition of free, of whether it was a temporary "free" or one with some permanence.
I shall be opening an account with them shortly.
Thanks again.
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