Hello finance folks

This is the first finance forum I have joined. Just so as you know I am a lawyer with history in defending Fraud trials and financial investigations. I decided that now was the time that I offered my services and capitalised on them under my own name.
I am a very plain speaking lawyer, and I am not into the usual flowery language that you may have got used to from others of my breed.
I do not just do compliance/regulation and fraud - as a trial advocate I can take your case from instructions all the way via the high court and the court of appeal.
I was recently acting in a ?40 million pound Mandate Fraud investigated by the NCA that fell apart. I don't want to boast too much, but will say that the FCA were intended to refer certain matters to the NCA - and if you face such an issue, let me know - I might be the man for your job.
There's the end of my plug.
I will add that I am paying particularly close attention to the FCA and how they approach the bridging finance industry, which is the fastest growing sector of the finance market in the UK. I get the impression that the FCA are kind of making things up as they go along.
Not only that I am also curious about the recent opening of the business court in London.
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Aaww - it was just getting interesting. I was awaiting the introduction of his Nigerian Uncle with funds needing a home.
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The bank manager who has a client who died without a single living benefactor, leaving millions of dollars in his account, and who needs some "assistance" in getting the funds out of Nigeria?
Yeah, he (and various morphs of him) contact me on a weekly basis.
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The OP joined a forum and then posted to that forum, so railing about his not understanding where he posted is both unfair and ignorant.
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Anthony R. Gold
He joined what he might have thought was a forum, but is actually just a web-based front end to a usenet group. If that's explained to him, it might actually help him understand why the inevitable cry for moderation is a waste of oxygen.
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