Huhne - 8 months

They got 8 months to take the heat of MP's fiddling their expenses and Blair's illegal war.
As for bankers! Geeez They must be in fits of laughter right now! Talk about getting away with murder!
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Sadly the bankers, aided and abetted by the Scottish Moron, were only guilty of being idiotic.
But then so idiotic was Brown and Labour, they've now introduced a budget responsibility law - against it - to try and ensure it never happens again.
Trouble is, Labour are the political equivalent of those idiots that take out 1000% pay day loans the kind you can never save from themselves.
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allan tracy
I just know that you have these figures at your finger-tips: can you tell me what was our debt burden on the day the coalition took over - and what is it today?
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Weren't the Tories were advocating Labour's profligate ways until the very end!
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