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Just a few tips and notes on our recent trip.
Don't change your money until you get to Egypt. Exchange Rate at airport
LE7 to 1. Rate from tour rep and machine in hotel LE8.4 to 1.
Don't get your VISA in UK get it at arrival airport. In UK 18 and at
arrival airport 13.
Don't believe what they say about the water. By this I mean you are told you
will be fine if you only drink bottled water. You are also told that bottled
water is used to clean salad foods and for manufacturing ice. What you
CANNOT get away from is that you shower and wash your hands in tap water
which at some time will enter your system. Also while the work force were
meticulous at washing their hands prior to serving they are only using tap
water..............gotta go back in a minute..........still firing Bovril
On arrival and departure we had armed guards front and rear of a 3 bus
convoy for 30 miles.
I would estimate 70% of the worlds discarded plastic bags are strewn across
the Egyptian soil. Certainly around MM anyway.
Otherwise the Egyptians are a friendly bunch.
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Mark Opolo
I don't think that the cost is an issue her. It's the inconvenience.
I was speaking to a TA asking about how getting a visa at the airport worked and she said "we always advise customers to get it before they go" to which I replied "you want me to take a day off work and make a 100 mile trip to London just because no-one can advise me on the process on arrival" - she didn't reply! ( I guess that there's a postal method but I never risk sending my passport by post).
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