Old style student loans threshold risen...

It seems that the repayment threshold for those on the old style student loans (1998 onwards) has finally started to rise.
Only risen by 795 though. I'm guessing that someone has realised it won't be long before minimum wage catches up with the minimum threshold.
For a student taking a loan in 1998, 15,000 was a fairly decent starting salary and it today's terms would be worth over 21,000 once inflation is taken into account
Overseas repayment thresholds have also risen, see
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How are these thresholds calculated?
In Europe, there seems to be a correlation between richer countries and higher thresholds, but outside Europe, the numbers looks almost random, there are some very poor countries with high repayment thresholds, rich countries with low thresholds and everything inbetween.
Btw, two territories on the list, Bouvet Island and Heard and McDonald Islands, are uninhabited. I guess they are included to make sure nobody can escape student loan repayments. :)
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