Online insurance application - legal basis of unsigned contract ?

I've managed to double insure my property (buildings insurance) due in part to
the lack of communication a new insurer (let's call them insurer B), meaning I
renewed the existing insurance (A). It's my fault for not keeping track of
things, but I wondered about the legality of the lack of timely communication
from the new (online) insurer (B).
About 3 weeks before the renewal date I filled in an application form online
with another insurer (B) and expected to receive a quotation & a completed form
for my signature. I then forgot about it, until the renewal date of my existing
insurance (A), when because I'd heard nothing from insurer B, I renewed with
insurer A.
About a month later I received details from insurer B, along with an invoice. As
I wasn't interested in their service due to the delay, I binned the details
because I felt I hadn't entered a contract, because I hadn't signed anything.
This happened again about a month later.
I've now received a letter from insurer Bs accounts dept. demanding payment.
I've discovered whilst searching the internet, that financial contracts
(presumably including insurance) are not covered under the Distance Selling
Regulations, which regulations are they covered by and what information should I
have received in what timescale ? Was I right in thinking there was no contract
? What do you suggest I do (ideally I'd like not to pay for insurer Bs insurance
if that would be legal) ?
It isn't a great deal of money, merely the fact that I'm annoyed, because I had
the presence of mind to look around for alternative insurance in good time
before the renewal and have ended up double insured.
Thanks !
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Put a big claim in telling them you have not signed the contract and see if the policy is valid watch them squirm out of paying up.
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Well, I don't think the contract needs to be signed, as long as they can show other evidence that you intended to enter into a contract with them. If you only asked for a quotation, and decided for whatever reason not to go ahead with it, then I don't think they can demand payment.
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Jonathan Bryce

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