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Until last week I have been using Microsoft money to keep track of my portfolio and bank accounts etc. however it appears that this program can no longer connect to SMRTINET.INI and download latest prices etc. I know I can track my portfolio on some of the web sites such as Financial Times but that does not handle my bank accounts. I am not sure if "Quicken" works in UK with windows 7 (and soon to be using windows 8) so am wondering if anyone knows of a free software program that can do the same as MS Money? Thank you
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TBH I am surprised you could still use MS Money recently. It stopped working for me years ago. I've looked into other programs but haven't found anything else that meets my requirements.
AFAIK there are very few personal finance programs, especially free ones. There's GNU cash but I haven't evaluated it yet. I would guess that most free programs would be too simple to be useful.
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Thanks Mark, I think I shall use the FT web sure to get updated prices for stocks etc and then transfer that info to the MS Money program where I have listed our banks, ISAs and so on.
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Further to this I'm still using Quicken 2000 (in Win XP) because I can't find anything better!
I've tried a couple of free trials like MYOB and Banktree (the latter being the 'Which' recommendation) but found them nowhere as good as Quicken . OTOH it could be that I've have become too use to Quicken's interface to change!
The only fault I've found with it is, as with you, I can't get share prices anymore.
What I can't figure is why Intuit and MS for that matter stopped selling the programs in the UK. Anyone know?
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