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Bitstring , from the wonderful person Palindrome said
Unless it is some huge amount then odds on the bank will not even notice. I'd just pay it in.
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GSV Three Minds in a Can
Palindrome gurgled happily, sounding much like they were
I've just received a cheque with my first name incorrectly spelt
> (Suzanne rather than Susan) - the family name part and title are fine. >
> Should I return it for a replacement, or just pay it in?
I'd pay it in. The bank could, strictly speaking, refuse to cash it - but
it's very unlikely.
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On Wed, 4 Feb 2009 17:10:03 +0000,
He he, even if it's for a large amount (above the money laundering regs stuff) they'll still probably let you pay it in. :-)
My partner was paying in a large cheque of mine into our joint account. Due to the sum involved and the joint account not paying any interest the cashier was wanting to get her to open a savings account. It took a moments explanation that she couldn't open an account with a cheque made out to someone else. (Although maybe the cashier wanted her to pay the cheque into the joint account and then immediately transfer it into an new account in her name. Would that be allowed?)
(The money was only in the account for a few days while the cheque cleared.)
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Tim Woodall
Thanks, Adrian and GSV. I'll just pay it in and see what happens.
It's so rare (for me at least) to get a cheque these days!
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Palindrome gurgled happily, sounding much like they were saying:
IKWYM. I've got a couple sat on the windowsill waiting for me to get organised to pay the damn things in.
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What an odd question if you don't mind me saying so - why would you not want to pay it in?
Whether the bank will accept it is a different matter - but I suspect that they won't even notice.
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Which bank? If the cashier at Sue's bank accepts it from her for deposit then no one will ever look at the name of the payee again, regardless of the amount. AFAIK that has always been the sole filter for that part of the cheque. The paying bank is able to question the date or different numbers and words or the signature or available balance but they have no ability to know let alone to raise a dispute on the name of Sue's account.
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Anthony R. Gold
Well, there isn't a reason why I don't want to pay it in. But, unless the sheep in the next field have opened a secret bank branch, it will take me about 20 mins when next in town, to go to a bank, queue and return in the rain/snow to somewhere warm. So, I'd rather not do that if there was a significant chance that I would only have to repeat it at a later date.
Yep, I could pop it in the post box - but I would rather hand it over in a bank.
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