Refunds Direct as an accountant

I've started my limited company up and am now looking for an
accountant. I saw an advert for Refunds Direct, who provide a years
free accountancy to new startups, then 0.5% of the previous years
turnover therafter.
Has anyone had any dealing with this company regarding their
accountancy services? It almost sounds too good to be true.
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Get yourself down to a proper local accountant in your area. Its is by far and away the best option. They will know your local area and opportunities and you'll be able to talk to them properly also.
A decent accountant will be well worth the fee. If your only a small business negotiate a fixed fee, or atleast try first.
I will admit i'm an accountant but i firmly believe a local accountancy is better.
Your not in Hull are you? ;-) I know a good one ;-)
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