Selling Canadian coins in London?

I have quite a lot of Canadian coins (dollar and two-dollar coins) and no plans to go to Canada. Is there anywhere in London that will buy them from me?
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Usually, only option is to sell/give them to a relative/colleague going to Canada. Some banks have arrangements with charities to accept foreign coinage as donations (because of the problem of otherwise getting rid of them).
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Toom Tabard

Dunno. I do know that in some countries some coins are being melted down because the metal is worth more than face value, such has been the run on commodity prices. Believe this maybe true in India. Also in the US something similar was discovered for small demonination coins, I believe the law had to be changed to cover this 'loophole'. IMO best would be to discontinue the smallest coins (eg. 'copper' coins in the UK which are apparently no longer copper so not worth melting down).
Otherwise I think the best option is the charity boxes at the airports.
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The 1 and 2 cent coins in America are worth less than the metal they are stamped on, as are older 1 and 2p coins here. Newer ones are copper plated steel, and you can tell them apart because they are magnetic, and the old ones are not.
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Jonathan Bryce

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