what has done most damage to the uk economy? fiddling libor or fiddling 'new' liebor politicians?

surely faux stats are your speciality!
whig/tory new liebour.... all constructs of same corporotter financiers...
unions 'acquired'...
parliament construct of you-know-who financiers at the time of what they called 'glorious revolution'
current mode... liebour spend lots of public money... tories ensure banksters get it back with max usury...
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What kind of a question is that?
Isn't it obvious that it is accurate to one decimal place?
Have you never been to a promotion interview and been asked as an opening question "what is the difference between accuracy and precision"?
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your response is both inaccurate and at least 70% wrong...
you must learn to quantify and qualify at the very least(at the 90% level)
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Treason does not prosper! What's the reason? If it prospers none dare call it treason.
Get it right!... by Ovid....
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