What's the next best thing to hold instead of cash?

I'm approaching retirement and have been heavily invested in equities until now, which has worked pretty well thanks to QE etc.
However yesterday I liquidated about 20% of my portfolio, to begin to take some risk off the table, so I'm now about 25% in cash, 15% in commercial pr operty, 5% in gold and the remainder in a reasonably diverse basket of equi ty funds, investment trusts and ETFs.
I can't face being heavily in cash, with close-to-zero interest rates. Can anyone suggest a solid asset that I can put into a Hargreaves Lansdown ISA and SIPP which would give, say, a reliable 3% return with little chance of capital loss? I'm loath to use a bond fund at the moment as all the talk is of a bond bubble bursting when interest rates (eventually) rise.
Thoughts welcome!
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