Who pays return postage for online goods?

I ordered some goods from an Amazon marketplace seller and they are nothing like I expected.
On the day I received the goods I notified them that the goods were not as I expected.
In repsonse, they issued a return address label but are asking me to pay the postage. Both myself and the seller are in the UK.
I have tried to understand if the Consumer Contract Regulations help me but I can't find any clear advice about who pays return delivery charges!
Doesn't the seller pay return postage for good which are rejected within a week or two?
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If the goods are not as you expected (and assuming the seller jumped through all the notification hoops) then you are most likely responsible for the return charges. If the goods were not as described or the advertisement was misleading then the seller should.
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Peter Parry
If you buy something in person from a normal shop and need to return it you wouldn't expect them to pay the cost of your petrol or transport to take it back.
Paying for return postage is not a lot different to that. Some companies are good enough to arrange free collection for you.
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Chris Blunt
Not if it was faulty or not as described.
There are regulations that stipulate what "distance" sellers have to do regarding this.
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