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I've just returned from Australia, where I noticed that the Australian banks (Westpac in particular) are actively pushing the idea of gearing (borrowing to fund investments in a managed fund) to their...
13 years ago 2
Re: Getting a new identity & a new credit history
In the proposed circumstances there appears to be an intention to use the name change to evade an existing £60k debt. If successful, that would clearly represent a "loss to another", wouldn't you...
13 years ago 50
How do I sell paper certificate shares of And what price now?
I still have those few shares that were issued in the IPO all those years ago. Firstly, what price will I get for them as I've only found out a while ago that Lastminute have been taken over a few...
13 years ago 5
US to inspect passengers' credit card transactions
13 years ago
will I lose interest?
I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this but I really need 100% confirmation! If I put 10,000 in the Halifax paying interest once a year on the anniversary, and I find a a place that pays more...
13 years ago 3 (reliable or not?) - idont quite geddit
Hi all, found a site thru a freind (who swears by it). It is a kind of virtual (but not) stock simulation (but not) now its the only one I know of that offers a real cash prize every 30 days. Anybody...
13 years ago
2007 Predictions?
Money Box on Radio 4 had an item where they were asking the panel to make predictions for what the stock market and house prices would do in 2007. Anyone care to make their predictions? Stock market...
13 years ago 26
Re: How to solve EVERY Crime in the world!
Tosser. Please tell me how my dream of driving a Sinclair C5 up a ramp into a pantechnicon, as I dreamed, answered the query. Tiddy Ogg.
13 years ago Launches
Launches New Website Dedicated to HYIP investors/ watcher/ critics/ and interested users Dec 25, 2006. On auspicious occasion of Christmas, the HYIPpost Team announce the launch of , a website devoted...
13 years ago
Withdraw pensions as cash?
Hi, In my line of work I tend to move jobs alot (fix problem, feet up, get bored, move on) and I've accumulated 5 personal pension plans with 12 - 24 months worth of contributions in each. I'm 28 and...
13 years ago 9
CGT on former PPR
Hi I've been reading through the various posts on this and have a basic understanding of exemption rules for PPR and the last 3 years being exempt if a property was at any point during ownership the...
13 years ago 1
Credit Expert
Having signed up to the credit report, I notice details of loans etc on my report that are marked as settled, and were settled years ago. How long do these stay on file for ? It makes it look a bit...
13 years ago
Re: Due diligence and "Kingston Accountants", does this firm actually exist?
Just curiouse if anyone located this company. I am doing the sam research. Any information
13 years ago
Property question
Hello. If a relative loans another a sum of money to purchase a house: (a) will any tax be payable on sale of the house, assuming the borrower has lived at the house for a period of years? (b) will...
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I need a loan in UK
Hello, I have heared that anyone can get loan if he pay the 10% of the requested loan amount as an insurance. If it's true and working, be my broker. I need: EUR 400.000. and have 10%. I am not UK...
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