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Booze and cigs imports
The eec has ruled that the rules stay the same for bringing cigs and booze into the uk and cannot be bought via the internet. Whats the difference between these goods and any other goods bought ab...
13 years ago 6
I'm currently being persuaded that the HL Vantage SIPP is a good idea. I've read the terms and conditions and it all seems too good to be true. Any comment...
13 years ago 14
What is a Credit Linked Note?
What's a credit linked note, and how did Parmalat use them to commit fraud? Also, what is the "recovery rate" they mention? Thanks!!!!
13 years ago
Re income tax liability
I gather the maximum profit I can make from any venture is £5035 pa without being liable for income tax. So, if I let out part of my house and make £5000 profit from it, I won't have to pay an...
13 years ago 18
Mint credit limit
Last month I took out a Mint card and was offered a credit limit of £2500. I didn't ask for any balance transfers when I applied though am now making use of the 0% introductory offer for purchases ...
13 years ago 6
China - who has financed its development ?
Is it as simple as saying - the west (and japan) once they were let in or have i underestimated the wealth of the communist era china ? mind you , if it was foreign investment their infrastructure...
13 years ago 6
Best way to transfer $5000 from US to UK
Hi there, I'm currently living in the US and I want to send (or carry) $5000 dollars from the US to my UK account (Halifax). Options I am currently considering: 1. Carrying the $5000 to the UK ...
13 years ago 16
New NS&I interest rates
National Savings and Investments (NS&I) is increasing the interest rates on its wide range of variable rate savings offers by up to 0.25%.
13 years ago
Reason for DWP payment
While gathering data to fill in my Tax Return, I noted in my Bank Statement (Barclays) that I received a payment of £10 by Bank Giro Credit from the Pensions Service. My normal State Pension payme...
13 years ago 5
Banco Santander shares
How do you deal with a small amount of dividend from Banco Santander (ex Abbey National) in a 2005/6 tax return? IR gave guidance last year, but I can't find any advice for this return. It would h...
13 years ago 6
Probate Form IHT 205
No doubt like many before us, my wife an myself have been thrown headlong into the depths of probate following the sudden death of her father. Re IHT 205 can anyone tell me if a Civil Service Pens...
13 years ago 10
saving question ref:high earners with lower earning partners
following yesterdays question ref higher rate earners & their savings, can you legitematly (if you trust him/her) keep your savings in an account in his/her name that is run from your current acco...
13 years ago 10
Companies with webcards that are student friendly?
I tried applying for Cahoot's webcard but they didn't want to take me on (despite going through the appeals procedure) because, not surprisingly, my income band is
13 years ago 88
Mortgage + Large Deposit
My credit history is not the best around, a default followed by a few missed credit card payments 4 years ago when I was a student. I'm finding it hard to get a lower rate mortgage but was happy wh...
13 years ago 1
Debt write-off companies
Hey all, Probably a dumb question, but I've heard loads of radio ads recently for companies who say they can get up to 75% of people's debt wiped off due to government legislation. I'm just curi...
13 years ago 6