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Gran giving away inheritence before she dies.
My Nan owned her own house and I was one of three benifactors in her will. Due to ilness she has recently decided to move in with my Dad and sell her house. Her house sold for £200k (ie below IHT...
13 years ago 5
Why is Identity Theft SO easy? They should change the system, because now it is WIDE open to abuse
In theory, how easy is it for someone to change their name to Joe Bloggs 1. Proof of ID - The Gold standard is obviously the UK passport. If someone changed their name, they could go to the UK...
13 years ago 4
how to avoid inheritance tax
I bought the Avoid Inheritance Tax book from and it is full of great info, does anyone know of any other similar books I can read up on?
13 years ago
CFD Trading
CFD trading, try
13 years ago
Mortgage Target
Hi folks, Can anyone answer the following query? In a years time I hope to upgrade to a larger house (I am currently a first time buyer). I hope to find out what monthly net salary I should aim ...
13 years ago 2
What day next week does Bank of England meet to disuss internest rates?
Hi I gather next week the Bank of England meets to discuss interest rate hikes. Anyone know which day as I a going to reserve a fix rate morgage before that date. Thanks Scott
13 years ago 5
Daylight Savings Time
I think that "Daylight Savings Time" it's a very bad name. I can't tell for others, but in my case I am spending more energy than before. Does anybody know what it has cost the business having a 1 ...
13 years ago 23
Accepting credit and debit cards
Curently bank with hsbc. Just created a website and need to take cards through it. It currently only takes paypal but i think its putting customers off and not very proffesional. Rang my bank and i...
13 years ago 4
Could anyone explain to me - sorry I am not too bright - 63 years of age now with a lifetime of hard work behind me how 400 plus people in the 'city' can get a bonus of a million pounds for 365 d...
13 years ago 14
Re: Advance warning not to hang on to Bank of England notes in the next few years....
to I guess it means that the Bank of England doesnt want to :-)
13 years ago 7
Stamp Duty on share transfer?
When transferring shares in a ltd company. Is stamp duty still payable and at what rate? Adrian Smith
13 years ago 10
Expedia: are they starting to lose it?
For at least a couple of years now, Expedia has been one of the first places I would turn to for booking my travel arrangements. In the past, I've always found them both efficient and competitivel...
13 years ago 6
Anyone recommend a central heating boiler maintenance plan?
I uaually avoid insurance, but in this case, I'm tired of being at the mercy of the one plumber in my area who really understands my central-heating boiler. (He specialises in maintaining this part...
13 years ago 8
Question re pension scheme
Hello, I am in a company pension scheme of the defined benefits/final salry type. I'm early forties and currently have a protected pensionable salary of just over £24k .My company is seeking to in...
13 years ago 5
maximum cost allowed?
Is there any legislation on how much can be charged for a item. My daughter had a makeover at a hairdressing salon and I've just been quoted 500 to have a cd of 25 photos taken of her. Untouched p...
13 years ago 12