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New 20.00 note to be released by the bank of long before they take the old 20.00 out of circulation ?
Just wondering out of interest , how long is there between the introduction of a new bank note and the old ones no longer accepted at shops etcs , i know that any note of any age is still allowed ...
13 years ago 3
"one account"
hi all, I amconsidering changing mortgage to the "One Accont". I have done a google of this group, and discovered no recent postings about it. wondering if anyone can point me to a forum of users?...
13 years ago 4
National debt & CIA Factbook.
Hello there, I have been looking at the CIA Factbook and I was wondering if someone would be able to explane the difference between the External debt and the Public debt? (I didn't really understa...
13 years ago 2
Average net worth of person in the UK?
Could someone post a link to a good reference for statistics for the net worth of people in the UK. (A quick google couldn't find anything that was the *total* net worth, including all assets le...
13 years ago
Re: Whoops.. Don't forget to put the clocks back
Moving the clocks twice a year is a nonsense. A relic of muddled thinking, initiated during the war to allow farm workers to work later in daylight. It was a barmy idea then, it is a hilariously s...
13 years ago 5
Originating direct debits
Can anyone give me a ballpark figure for the costs to a small business of collecting 5 to 50 monthly fees by direct debit, either with our own arrangement with a bank or using a bureau service of so...
13 years ago 11
Hi, I´m an entertainer working on a cruise ship and I have been working on various different ships on a self employed basis for about 3 years. I earn 400 pounds a week and I´m trying to figure o...
13 years ago 4
age-old question of houses vs. shares
Forget predicting the future, but if I'm correct on the average returns over the last century, shares did the best, followed by real estate. Does that mean you would have been better off if you inve...
13 years ago 3
not my money
i have a bank account and have just noticed alarge ammount of money has been deposited into it what do i do and can i keep it thanks
13 years ago 45
Did anyone else sign up with this website some years ago? I just received a letter telling me for Capita Registrars that they hold 10 shares in my name, valued at 67p each. That is less than the c...
13 years ago 6
HSBC negotiations team?
Why flatmates cousin (who is overseas for 9 months) got a voicemail saying 'This is the hsbc (or barclays - I can't remember) negotiations team, please give us a call'. But when my cousin called t...
13 years ago 4
Just read, "please enter your secret PIN"! What?
Just (almost) finished buying something on the net when I got this screenful... ----------------------- Visa Verification "...To support our already high levels of fraud screening we have impleme...
13 years ago 6
Ping 'biggirlsblouse'
Are you still reading this group? -- Tumbleweed email replies not necessary but to contact use; tumbleweednews at hotmail dot com
13 years ago 5
A&L vs HSBC small business accounts
Hi, I am starting a small consultancy business and need to open a bank account. The turnover is fairly low and there is no buying/selling of goods nor lots of small credits/debits, just monthly ...
13 years ago 7
NS&I rate increases wef 26 Oct 2006
13 years ago 1