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Debt repayment problem.
I have been paying a debt through a debt recovery company for 5 years, after I defaulted on it, Ive never missed a payment. A few months ago I asked for a final balance and after receiving it decid...
13 years ago 3
Endowment Selling - any recommendations on a company that pays the best?
Hi I have compliand about being mis-sold 3 endowments and have won all 3 cases against Standadd life and Nationwide. Now - they have quote an amount to sell up the plans the now with extra to ...
13 years ago 2
Add wife to house ownership
Our current house (mortgaged) was purchased in my sole name as my wife was out of the country. I would now like to change the ownership to joint names. What is the procedure and likely costs of doin...
13 years ago 42
Note to Halifax current account customers
You may have noticed adverts for Halifax's new "High Interest Current Account" which pays 5.12% interest on balances up to 2500. Existing Halifax customers may be interested to know that I was able...
13 years ago
Price/earnings ratio data
Hi, Does anyone know of any general summaries for price earnings ratios by industrial sector for both LSE and AIM listed stocks? I'm really after a broad overview but additional detail i.e. comp...
13 years ago 4
Anglo American's new CEO
An American geologist was yesterday given the biggest job ever awarded to a woman in British industry. Cynthia Carroll has landed a huge mining job. But who is she?
13 years ago
Info about FSA requirements
I am trying to get details about the FSA and its requirements for positions in the financial sector in the UK. Specifically, I am trying to get details on spent convictions and the hiring process ...
13 years ago 6
changing euros to sterling
What is the cheapest way to move a substantial sum of euros, currently in a French bank account, into a UK sterling account? Is there any advantage to transfer the money into a UK-based euro accoun...
13 years ago 10
Clearing time for international cheques
I've just needed to transfer some dollars drawn on a US institution into my UK dollar account (I set one of these up to make periodic dollar transfers easier). However after I paid in the cheque (se...
13 years ago 12
Cancelling Loan Payment Protection Advice
Morning all, I took out a loan in March of this year for £7500 with my bank(Lloydstsb), and was sold payment protection policy by the bank manager, but now I know a bit more about these schemes n...
13 years ago 10
Rules for ex wife's mortgage being transferable to new house?
I posted this in but there are probably a lot more people here... Currently I am paying a £100k mortgage on my ex wife's house, current value about £1M. 18 years to run. The...
13 years ago 2
shortfall on secured loan repayment
We are selling our house due to a separation and there is a £6500 shortfall on a secured loan after the mortgage, estate agent and solictors have been paid. (We can pay approx 22k of a 28.5k loan) ...
13 years ago 5
housing benefit- council home visit?
x-no-archive: yes Are these visits normal? i have been claiming benefits for about 3 months now, while out of work- just got letter saying they want to check my claim and that all details held are...
13 years ago 6
In Credit SWALEC
I have just had a statement from my electricity supplier SWALEC informing me that I am 218.49 in credit. When in the past I have asked for the money back I get the response, ...... monthly account...
13 years ago 4
TAX Credits?
How are TAX Credits paid? TIA
13 years ago 2