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PLC's - none financial statement reporting
Hey guys and gals, does anyone know of a online summary for the requirements of a UK Plc to report significant events to the market? I'm really after time limits, amount of information etc etc Thanks...
13 years ago 1
Can someone give someone else a large sun of money without tax implications?
My Dad has recently come into a large sum of money and wants to share this with his family. We arnt sure if there are any legal/tax implications of him just writing out big cheques? ...the only one we...
13 years ago 11
How to calc final bonus on endowment
Would anyone like to offer a "man on the 57 bus" explanation of how final bonuses are arrived at? I'm asking because I have a with profits mortgage linked endowment policy with the Prudential (it was...
13 years ago 36
Lost Postal order
Dear Sir/Ma, We are a finance company(Optimum Trust Finance) with a reputable status. We help in financing small and large Business/Project. OTF is a loan company whose goal is to provide money at the...
13 years ago 7 (Web site creator/partner needed)
Hi, I search a partner to create a web site about videos in fashion. Im the first one doing this business in this world entirely dedicated to videos in fashion. I need a strong, heavy partner. --Jon
13 years ago
Advise on finance question
Hi! Should I have 1K to reimburse a loan, should I give it to my mortgage which still has 20 years to go, or to my car loan which has 4 years to go? They both have 5.8% cost. Many thanks! My...
13 years ago 3
I currently have a mini cash and a mini stocks and shares which I opened a few years ago. My questions are 1. Can I open another mini Isa this year? If so... Can I put 3000 in each or combined? 2. Can...
13 years ago 17
VAT on telephones
My company, which is VAT registered, recently bought a phone directly from BT. They sent us a VAT invoice which showed that the VAT rate on the phone was zero. They only charged us a small amount of...
13 years ago 16
Allocation of rental income
This time last year there was some discussion about whether the rental income from a jointly owned house (owned by a husband and wife and joint tenants) could be allocated entirely to the wife so as...
13 years ago 3
Move shares into a SIPP.
Is it possible to move shares held outside a SIPP into a SIPP? Thanks, Adrian Anyone know? Adrian Don't think so - an 'in specie transfer' can be made from another authorised pension scheme, but...
13 years ago 7
TAX Rebate
Hi, Who do I see about getting a TAX Rebate? IS there a Online service I can use? You ask your tax office. If you are talking about last financial year, you could always do a self-assessment on-line,...
13 years ago 1
Ultra secure MBNA PIN notification
Got a PIN notification sent to me by MBNA. Peel back perforated tab, scrape off grey panel with coin, look at panel against white background .......nothing visible because scraping off the grey panel...
13 years ago 24
the new scottish widow
Does anyone know who the new scottish widow is? Is this her...? Hayley-Hunt dot com
13 years ago 1
Latest money laundering joke ..
This one I have to share. My mother (long time owner of NSI products, been on voting register 60 years, been at same address for 20+ years) just got turned down by NSI when she went to buy some...
13 years ago
Investment held in trust - what exactly does that mean ?
Abour 10 years ago the company I was working for was taken over - the pension fund was closed and we were given 3 options : 1. Get back the contributions + interest (peanuts!) 2. Get a 'settlement'...
13 years ago 1