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RPI direction + NS&I
Where is inflation going? Thoughts on this please. I know if we knew the answers to this kind of question, we'd be very rich, but ideas welcome. Late next month I have a maturing NS&I inflation li...
4 years ago 3
New interest only mortgage- initial payment
Hi. I've just taken out an interest only mortgage, with the loan drawn on t he 20th of this month. I just received a letter from the lender stating tha t I will be charged approx 150 quid on 1st May...
4 years ago
Travel Insurance for the over 65s
What a nightmare. All the insurance companies we have tried wont insure us now that we're over 65. We actually want a multi-trip worldwide policy (sans North America). We use d to insure with STA...
4 years ago 14
Reclaiming Tax on Investments
If tax has been deducted from interest on savings and you are a non-tax payer, how long do you have to reclaim this? Thanks Phil
4 years ago 23
Most people on over £100k already pay 60% Tax
Alistair Darling introduced a progressive reduction in personal allowance for incomes over £100k which the Tories did not abolish and Labour certainly won't. Because of the way incomes are distri...
4 years ago
Why are currency conversion quotes the wrong way round?
I notice that sites such as Google Finance quote the pound to dollar conversion rates in the form GBP/USD = 1.4784. I would read this as "GBP per USD = 1.4784" or equivalently "1.4784 GBP per USD...
4 years ago 25
Cooperative Bank Asking for National Insurance Number After 15 Years
I have received a letter from the Cooperative Bank saying that they have to suspend payments to my ISA unless I provide my National Insurance number. They've only got a dummy number stored. I've ha...
4 years ago 9
Splitting revenue 60/40 with soon to be retired supplier - What implications if any?
Apologies if this is the wrong group to be posting this to.. We are a small vehicle parts /repair company, and one of our suppliers (He is a one man band) is retiring in a few months. He has made...
4 years ago 1
Greek bond yields
I don't understand Greek 10 year bond yields. Last time I looked (about 2 weeks ago) they were ~ 10%. I see a big haircut or total default as a certainty, so why aren't they ~ 90% ? Possible ans...
4 years ago 2
Registering as a non tAxpayer
I take it if someone has registered their bank and building society accounts as a non taxpayer that they need not register again.
4 years ago 1
BA Exec Club Cancels All AVIOS
Just had my latest email statement from BA Exec Club. I never understood th e change from AirMiles to Avios - WTF are Avios? Anyway - I had thousands o f Avios accumulated over very many years. Neve...
4 years ago 13
Interested in the election?
With the election upon us there could be a place for discussion: uk.current-events.general-election-2015 I say "could be" because for reasons unfathomable the powers-that-be (a.k.a. the "Committ...
5 years ago 3
Raising funds for ATPL
Good morning folks, Not sure this is the right place to post this message. I am trying to raise some extra funds, to help me continue with my ATPL training (Airline Pilot License). This is a ...
5 years ago 2
Van and fuel benefit
I see that if a van use is split between two people, then the benefit can be apportioned appropriately according to: If employee 2 is paid ...
5 years ago 1
Using the £15k cash ISA allowance?
I opened a cash ISA of about £5k with Virgin Money early in this tax year (2014-2015). But I had no reminder from them about the opportunity to raise that to £15k in July, and consequently forgot ...
5 years ago 6