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Is Lloyds TSB in Difficulties? - (curious contract term)
Hi all, Lloyds TSB recently (within the last few months) made an extremely significant change to their T&C which leads me to suspect they may have liquidity or even solvency issues which may be ...
5 years ago 5
On phone with HMRC for 55 minutes before being cut-off
Listening to some crappy Beethoven, to be cut off after 55 minutes. Of course, ring again and get told they're now closed, it being 4:31pm!
5 years ago 1
Money gifts before death
A foolish friend who is 84 has given her sister in law (also 84) and her husband a cheque for £127K to help them buy a bungalow suitable for there aged needs. They actually phoned and asked her f...
5 years ago 10
Oil price and air fares
With the fall in the price of oil how much is it likely to reduce short and long haul flights? Derek
5 years ago 1
Another Access to Pension Issue
Hi all A lot of discussion has surrounded this "access to pension funds at age 55" business. I think it is generally agreed that flexibility (for those savvy enough) is a good thing. My conce...
5 years ago 8
Co-habiting and Inheritance
Hi all Trying to pre-empt a possible situation wrt my daughter. She is due an inheritance at the age of 25 left to her by my parents (she is 22 now). The money is currently in a Will Trust, but...
5 years ago 4
Unused CGT loss, carry forward to subsequent tax years
I had always believed that, for personal taxation, a capital loss could onl y be carried forward for a limited number of years (to be offset against a capital gain made in a subsequent year). H...
5 years ago 1
ISA rule change
When doe the the Autumn statement change to let spouses take over their partners ISA actually start? A friends husband is not likely to last until the next tax year. Derek
5 years ago 9
Bank note replacements
Does all cash handed into a bank get destroyed and remade? As I've never had a non-new note given to me when I withdraw cash. -- Intercourse prevents divorce.
5 years ago 4
What's the next best thing to hold instead of cash?
Hi I'm approaching retirement and have been heavily invested in equities until now, which has worked pretty well thanks to QE etc. However yesterday I liquidated about 20% of my portfolio, to be...
5 years ago 1
Barclaycard no fees
I've just had a letter from Barclaycard Headline: "No cash withdraw fee for using your card abroad" Paragraph that immediately follows: "with your Barclaycard there's just one straightforward...
5 years ago 2
Typical pension set-up charges
What is the typical charge (made to a company by an independent pensions advisor) for setting the pension for an employee? How is it typically calculated? Thanks, Daniele
5 years ago 4
Certificate for Creative Accounting
Is there a web site that I can upload a recent series of Accounts demonstra ting the art of creative accounting? Also is there a site at which I can pu t forward the name of the company responsible ...
5 years ago
Capital Gains Tax on Inherited Property
My wife and I will inherit mil's house on her death, her total estate will be well below the IHT limit, so no inheritance tax to pay. I know that we will be liable for CGT on any increase in value f...
5 years ago 2
Anyone ever had a dream where there are odd things like 46 pound notes? -- Streakers beware: Your end is in sight!
5 years ago 12