On Line Shop Advice Needed

I want to open an on line shop selling MP4 video files. I also want the shop to have various one minute MP4 clips of each file which will be in way of introducing the potential customer to that particular file and the clips shall be available to freely download.
Initially I intend the shop to have around 100GB of file space, but I want to have the facility to add more files (and therefore size) at a later date.
After the start up of the on line shop I want the visitors that have purchased a download of one or more of the MP4 files to be able to register with a forum that'll be part of the web site. I would need to administer all postings to the site prior to the posting being able to be viewed by the outside world. Similarly I want the customer to be able to upload any relevant clips that they have for possible addition to later MP4 files, once again I'd want to administer the uploaded clips prior to outside viewing.
Advice is needed -
a) An ISP that will offer the technical ability to create such an on line shop
b) An ISP that will offer hosting of a large video content that will grow and develop over time
c) Facility/software for a customer to be offered the opportunity to register for membership of the forum
d) The software involved in registering an individual and identifying them at a later date
e) The ISP would need to offer the tools necessary for me to be an administrator of the forum
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