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  Date Subject Author Replies
04-10-2016 Reverse mortgages now almost a must? 1
03-25-2016 Any Web Sites That Review SEP ? 4
03-14-2016 Muni Bond ETFs looking good? 3
02-25-2016 Return of Capital Becoming Popular 0
12-29-2015 Question on the new Social Security claiming rules 4
12-01-2015 Vendors Who Create Pure Financial Plans 0
12-01-2015 Vendors Who Construct Pure Financial Plans 1
11-30-2015 Calculating Roth IRA Basis 4
11-09-2015 $ Gift To Grandson ? 1
11-06-2015 Significant changes to social security claiming rules? 5
10-25-2015 capital losses vs HC premium tax credit 4
09-30-2015 New SEC liquidity rules for funds, ETFs could have interesting effects 1
09-02-2015 Social Security grace year & non-service month 1
08-24-2015 minimum salary for my wife to max out simple ira contribution. 0
06-16-2015 Roth Conversion 5-year Rule 2
05-21-2015 Is there a penalty to exchange Bellsout stock now? 1
05-09-2015 Lower Cost Corporate Trustee? 0
05-06-2015 Least Expensive Corporate Trustee 2
04-30-2015 Social Security basics -- and WEP and GPO 1
04-20-2015 Rental House: Keep or Sell? 8
02-02-2015 RE: IRA Tax 5
02-02-2015 RE: IRA Value 1
12-01-2014 Only silver plan rebates OOP, unaffordable care act 1
11-03-2014 Trust Book Suggestion Explaining Options For A Trust For Grandson ? 2
10-31-2014 The Rise of the Robo-Advisors 0
10-31-2014 Asset Placement into Various Account Types 3
09-01-2014 FDIC and NCUA insurance limits for trust accounts 2
08-29-2014 How quickly should capital gains be realized in a taxable account? 9
07-30-2014 More than you wanted to know about non-transparent ETFs 0
06-26-2014 Retirement spending and happiness 0
06-18-2014 UTG, Closed End Funds, and Leverage 4
06-14-2014 margin account and association with Form 1099-DIV 2
06-12-2014 Want to lease mineral rights to an oil company 1
06-04-2014 Irrevocable Trust for "Small" Estate? 7
05-31-2014 can you roll over the non-invested portion into a new 401k 0
05-30-2014 buying family home with no down payment. 0
05-21-2014 Why is there a point to munis? 4
05-20-2014 Media coverage of mutual fund holdings as a driver of flows 0
05-14-2014 Quciken versions 1
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